1 Peter 1:1-12 – The Born Identity

1 Peter 1:1-12
Sermon by Tim Kuepfer

Introduction: Chosen?

Peter, apostle of Jesus Christ, to God’s elect.... chosen according to the foreknowledge of God the Father... God’s chosen

So, is that also me? Am I one of God’s chosen ones? Am I one of God’s elect?

Peter knows he is.  Jesus came right up to him, personally, on the shore of Lake Galilee, looked into his eyes: “Follow me.”  What could Peter do? He chose to stand up, leave his nets, leave his family... and follow. He was called. He was chosen.  “Peter, an apostle of Jesus Christ, God’s elect, God’s chosen.”

But Jesus hasn’t exactly done that for you… or me, right?  Peter even points out the difference in verse 8: “Though you have not seen him (as I have), you still love him.”  

Yes, but… what if I’m not chosen. Peter knows Jesus chose him and loves him.  The big question Jesus asked Peter over and over was, “Do you love me?” 

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1 Peter 1-5: Why and How Our Identity Matters

1 Peter 1-5 

New International Version (NIV)

Peter, an apostle of Jesus Christ,

To God’s elect, exiles scattered throughout the provinces of Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, Asia and Bithynia, who have been chosen according to the foreknowledge of God the Father, through the sanctifying work of the Spirit, to be obedient to Jesus Christ and sprinkled with his blood:

Grace and peace be yours in abundance.

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