Our church


Our Mission: Authentic Relationships

We have been following Jesus in this neighbourhood for nearly 40 years. We are now asking anew:  Where could Jesus lead us in the next 40 years?

We hope to be a living-room for Chinatown in which, through God’s love, strangers become friends. We want to grow in authentic relationships together, as we actively pursue the flourishing of this corner of our beautiful city.  

We would love to welcome you to join our little “Jesus-Community”  in this adventure of asking how we can love God, support each other, and care for our neighbours and neighbourhood, in 2018 and beyond.

Our Beliefs: It's All About Jesus

We believe in a relational God who calls us to follow Jesus through authentic relationships with God, with one another, with our neighbours, and with creation itself.   

Chinatown Peace Church is a member church of Mennonite Church Canada.  You can read our full Statement of Faith here.