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Joint Connect

Joint Connect, Saturday, Feb 23, 6:30pm: Potluck at the church, followed by Bible study, sharing and prayer.  See the questions for study and conversation below. 

Revelation Discussion Questions for the Connect Groups:

  1. Read Revelation 11:18. What do we learn from this poem about God's judgement? 

  2. Read Revelation 12:11.  Do you know any stories from history that show this verse to be true?  How can this key verse guide us in our daily lives of following Jesus?

  3. Read Revelation 13:9-10 in the Message (it's one of the best English translations of this verse).  Do you think Christians may join the military? How about the RCMP?

  4. Read Revelation 14:1-5. What do we learn about God's people (the 144,000, the church) from this text?

  5. Read Revelation 17:15-18, and Revelation 18.  In these two chapters Rome is described as both a prostitute and the City Babylon.  What do you learn from these two chapters about God's perspective on Rome? In chapter 18, what commands are given to the Christians with regard to their relation to Rome?

Earlier Event: February 22
Youth Connect