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Joint Connect Potluck

Saturday evening, October 27: Joint Connect Potluck, 6:00pm. Please join us with your favourite dish to share, and be prepared to continue the conversation on the Book of Revelation (see the questions below). Please also let Tim Lam know what you are planning to bring to the potluck.

Connect with the Apocalypse (Questions for Discussion)

  1. Read through Revelation 1:9-20. What did John hear? What did he see?

  2. Where is Patmos? How close is it to the cities where John is sending this apocalyptic letter?  Look at where each of the seven churches are located.  Can you find a pattern to the order in which they are listed in verse 11?

  3. What is the significance of John identifying Jesus as "one like a son of man" (1:13)?  Look at the footnote.  What passage is John quoting?  Read this original paragraph.  What do you find surprising?

  4. What part of the description of Jesus makes the greatest impression on you? Why?

  5. Why do you think John used such mysterious and obscure language to describe Jesus?  How is this "apocalyptic"?

  6. What do you think?  Did John hear an audible voice and see real things—or symbols of spiritual things? (1:19–20)

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